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As a local company, proudly serving Louisville, Ken Osborne Home Inspection, Inc. is committed to providing excellent services and maintaining our reputation in the area.  
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When you hire Ken Osborne Home Inspection, Inc, you’re hiring a full service Inspection Company with the experience and expertise required for all your Inspection needs.
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Our team meets the highest standards in experience and skills. We work hard to ensure our staff are duly trained and remain up to date in the latest trends in the industry.  

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A building is just a building until people are inside. Then, it becomes a home or business where people live and work. For the owner of the home or business, making sure employees and loved ones are safe is a high priority. At Ken Osborne Home Inspection Inc we examine every visible component of each home and business that we inspect to ensure that it is structurally sound and safe.  

If you’re considering purchasing a home or commercial space, or are simply interested in ensuring that your property is safe, a professional inspector is the best way you can evaluate the structure. Serving Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding areas, Ken Osborne Home Inspection Inc, offers professional and licensed inspection services for homes and commercial spaces. 
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Home Inspection in Louisville, Kentucky

Purchasing a property is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make. Assure the quality of the structure you’re about to purchase with a comprehensive inspection. This way you can have peace of mind as you make final decisions about your purchase. 

Remember, a home or commercial space is not only an investment, it’s also the space where your family or employees will spend a significant amount of time. A thorough inspection is your best tool to ensure that the building is safe and ready for use.

In addition to buyers, sellers often consider completing an inspection. This way, you can ensure that your property is in good condition, making it more attractive on the market. As your buyer will also likely complete an inspection, no surprises will come up because you’ve covered your bases.

At Ken Osborne Home Inspection Inc, we pride ourselves in our years of experience, expertise and attention to detail. An inspection completed with us, is an inspection you can trust. Contact our friendly staff today to discuss your property inspection needs.
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