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Radon Testing in Louisville, KY

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Radon Testing in Louisville, Kentucky

Do you need radon testing for your residential or commercial property? It’s always a good idea to get radon testing done for your home because there’s nothing like the peace of mind in knowing that your home or business is completely safe. Radon can appear on any property through cracks or openings in the foundation. This radioactive gas has no odor, smell, taste or color and can cause lung cancer. So, radon testing is the only way to know what radon levels are in your home or business.

Ken Osborne Home Inspection Inc provides quality radon testing for residential and commercial properties in Louisville Kentucky and the surrounding areas. Our dedicated inspectors have the experience expertise required to conduct radon testing accurately. Radon can be difficult to manage as it may even fluctuate throughout the seasons, or depending on whether doors and windows are open or not. With Ken Osborne Home Inspection Inc on your side, you’ll know that your testing is in expert hands and your results will be accurate. 

Our radon testing equipment must be left in your home or business for a certain period of time and then we must send the results to a laboratory. Once we have verified the results, we’ll inform you and recommend any necessary mitigation should your radon levels be too high. 

Don’t put your family or employees and clients at unnecessary risk. A simple radon testing can put your mind at ease knowing that your property is a safe place to be. Should any problems be discovered, you’ll get the assistance you need to work towards a solution and make your property safe once again. 

Give the friendly staff at Ken Osborne Home Inspection Inc a call to discuss your radon testing questions, concerns and to set up an appointment. 
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