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Home Inspections Inc. has been providing comprehensive home inspections to the Louisville, Kentucky area, including Southern Indiana, for more than 30 years. Ken Osborne, owner and certified home inspector, provides thorough, unbiased, honest and professional inspections. His inspections empower the buyer to know exactly what condition the house is in before they buy it. Which often leads to price negotiations.

A home is probably the largest investment you will ever make. You should know exactly what to expect before you purchase the home of your dreams, in terms of repairs, replacements and maintenance. That is why hiring a certified, licensed and unbiased home inspector is so important.

A home inspector is hired to do a thorough visual and physical examination of all the component's of a home. This includes the structure, foundation, heating and cooling system, roof, and every thing in between.

A home inspectors job is to represent their client and no one else. A home inspector is there to inform you on the current condition of your prospective home. They examine the entire house and deliver a report to the client containing all the information, good and bad. The report will then empower you to make the best decision on purchasing the home of your dreams and even negotiating the price.

If you're in the process of purchasing a new or existing home, don't be fooled by the cheap, low-price home inspectors around town. Hire Home Inspections Inc. We have been doing it right for more than 30 years. Choose the right home inspector and empower yourself to know all about the house of your dreams before you purchase it.

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House hunters, be wary: 7 seemingly small flaws may point to a money pit

When Annemarie Kill and her husband, John Duffy, bought their first house in Chicago’s Galewood neighborhood in 2003, the duo knew it needed some cosmetic work — in fact, they were excited to redo the bathrooms and kitchen to make the home their own.

Little did they realize that the back of the house had been sinking for the last 75 years, and they would spend hundreds of thousands on unexpected construction. Their inspector hadn’t uncovered the rotting wood posts supporting the back of the house; the couple had no idea they’d eventually have to pour in new concrete to fix the issue, or that they’d have to replace the posts and jack up the back of the house a bit each week, causing the new windows and tile floors they’d installed to crack.

So when Kill and Duffy — along with their two children, now 11 and 14 — were house hunting in Oak Park in 2014, Kill said, they were determined not to land another money pit.

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Home Inspection Focus Areas

For some families, the dream of homeownership can turn into a nightmare when they find out their new home is in serious disrepair. A home inspection by Ken Osborne, an experienced, licensed professional home inspector, can help save you from having to pay thousands of dollars in repairs after buying your home.


If we find something off with the home’s electrical system, an electrician can be called in to help. Maybe the electrical box is so old that it does not comply with city code. An electrician can recommend brands to replace the box and tell you how much it will cost.

Seasonal Home Maintenance

Your home is an investment that requires ongoing maintenance to stay in tiptop shape. If you neglect annual and quarterly tasks, you risk overlooking potential issues that could lead to expensive repairs down the road. Stay on top of preventive maintenance tasks with this seasonal checklist.

Winter - To prevent pipes from bursting, drain and insulate exposed outdoor pipes and leave the water dripping inside on cold nights. Also check your boiler's water level every now and again to make sure it doesn't get too low.

Spring - Winter can leave a layer of grit on your home's exterior. Get it ready for spring by cleaning windows, doors and siding with a garden hose or power washer. And while the weather is mild, have your HVAC systems serviced by a professional to keep them running at optimal efficiency.

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